1. Produced and Directed by The Upsetter
    Lee Perry

  2. Searching so long

  3. Conquering Lion (expanded
    Yabby You & The Prophets

  4. Miss Stella
    The Termites

  5. Kunta Kinte
    The Revolutionaries

  6. Sons of Negus
    Jimmy Riley & The Upsetters

  7. When Jah Shall Come
    Various Artists

  8. Sipping i & i Chalice
    Yabby You and the Prophets

  9. This Child Of Mine
    Joy Lindsay

  10. Chant Down Babylon (dub plate mix)
    Yabby You & The Prophets

  11. Deliver Me (Dub Plate Mix)
    Yabby You & King Tubby

  12. I Don't Want To Lose You (Dub plate mix)

  13. I Don't Want To Lose You
    Paul Whiteman & King Tubby

  14. Columbo
    Augustus Pablo and Santic Allstars

  15. Shaka the great (12' mix)
    The Overnight Players

  16. Put these fools
    The Tidals

  17. My forefathers died in the sand
    Carl Moore

  18. Killer Joe
    Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

  19. Hit Me Back
    Orlando Kirkland & The Upsetters

  20. Tommys Vibes
    Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators

  21. Dial 609
    Chuck Jaques & Lynn Taitt and the Comets

  22. Rockfort Psychedelion
    Count Sticky and the Upsetters

  23. Ain't no love
    Jimmy & The Inspirations

  24. Cool Cool Rocksteady
    Don Lee & Bobby Aitken

  25. Listen to the music
    Lloyd and the Groovers

  26. Sound Doctor
    Bobby Floyd

  27. The Big Job
    Lester Sterling

  28. Valley of Joeasaphat
    Smith & The Prophets

  29. Zion
    The Flames

  30. Reaction

  31. Grand Father Bogle
    Rudy Thomas

  32. Ease Up
    Delroy Wilson

  33. Stop Your Quarreling (dub plate mix)
    Yabby You & The Prophets

  34. Rastaman Going Home
    Time Unlimited

  35. Stay Loose
    Hemsley Morris

  36. Roots of Zion
    Vin Gordon and the Aggrovators

  37. Don't Touch I Dread
    Barrington Spence

  38. Chim Cherie
    The Upsetter

  39. Safe Travel
    Phil Pratt

  40. Turning Point
    Slim Smith

  41. Stand Up and Fight
    Slim Smith

  42. The Lama
    Jah Lloyd

  43. Another Moses
    Junior Byles

  44. Oh Me Oh My
    Bree Daniels

  45. Fire In A Kingston
    Yabby You & The Prophets

  46. Death Trap
    Tommy McCook and the Prophets

  47. Righteous Land
    Aleas Jube

  48. Ska Baby
    Bobby Ellis

  49. Its Time For Love
    Owen Gray

  50. Slaving (Slaving steppers cut)
    Lloyd Parks

  51. Harder Shade Of Black
    Various Artists

  52. Gunman of JA (Dubplate mix)

  53. Divine Madness....Definitely
    Lee Perry and Friends

  54. Invitation To Jamaica
    Joe Higgs

  55. Everybody needs money
    Jimmy Riley

  56. Its a disgrace dub plate 10'
    The Aggrovators

  57. Run Come Rally
    Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson

  58. Going West
    Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook

  59. Holloway Rock
    Diggory Kenrick and the Prophets

  60. Proverb
    Al Brown and the 7th Extension Band

  61. Sounds & Pressure Volume 8

  62. 'Mek it run'

  63. Conquering Lion
    Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson & The Ralph Brothers

  64. Grand Father Bogle
    Rudy Thomas

  65. Ivan Itler The Conqueror
    Bunny Lee Allstars

  66. Jerusalem -Devon Irons
    Devon Irons

  67. When i get my freedom
    Stranger Cole

  68. Decibel
    Dennis Bovell

  69. El Rockers
    Augustus Pablo

  70. Kingston Shuffle
    Various Artists

  71. Dub Conqueror Part 1
    Paolo Baldini DubFiles

  72. Prophecies of Dub
    Yabby You

  73. Jah Vengence (dub plate mix)
    Yabby You

  74. Beware
    Yabby You

  75. Striving for the right
    Pat Kelly

  76. I've got the power
    Dukey McCella

  77. Rubadub Revolution
    Various artists

  78. Gun fever
    Frankie Jones

  79. Bandulo Rock (late night blues)
    Diggory Kenrick & The Aggrovators

  80. Walls of Jerusalem
    Yabby You & King Tubby

  81. Vengeance
    Diggory Kenrick & The Prophets

  82. Revenge
    Tommy McCook

  83. Judgment on the land
    Vivian Jackson & The Prophets (Yabby You)

  84. Judgment time
    Vivian Jackson & The Prophets

  85. Upsetters Shuffle
    Lee Perry & the Upsetters

  86. Soul Vibration
    Various Artists

  87. Better Future
    Errol Walker

  88. Voodooism single
    Leo Graham

  89. Wolf out deh
    Lloyd & Devon

  90. Enter into Dub
    Paolo Baldini DubFiles mix

  91. Soon i'm gonna make it
    Busty Brown and the Clowns

  92. Voodooism
    Lee Perry & Friends

  93. Dubbing in the Front Yard & Conflict Dub
    Bunny Lee Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators

  94. Freddie McKay/Santic/ Pablo
    Santic with Freddie McKay/Augustus Pablo

  95. Love On The Seen
    Jah Joe

  96. Rockers from the land of reggae

  97. Words in dub
    Philip Fullwood & I -Mo-Jah

  98. I Gave You My Word
    Philip Fullwood

  99. Love Everyone
    Philip Fullwood

  100. Anti-Snake 10'
    Lee Perry & Diggory Kenrick

  101. Searching so long
    The Termites

  102. War Is On Dub Style
    The Revolutionaries/Bobby Kalphat/Phil Pratt

  103. Hear we them a say
    Owen Gray

  104. Strange Things
    Ronnie Davis

  105. Give the little man a great big hand
    Cornell Campbell

  106. Drum Sound
    The Revolutionaries (Gems from the Channel One dub room 1974-1980)

  107. Kool Roots
    Earth and Stone

  108. Disco Rockers/Super Star
    Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators

  109. Super Dub Disco Style
    The Aggrovators

  110. The Return Of Sound System Scratch
    Lee Perry & Various Artists

  111. Channel One ( Maxfield Avenue Breakdown) Dubs & Instrumentals
    The Revolutionaries

  112. Dial M For Murder In Dub Style
    The Sunshot Band/Phil Pratt

  113. High Plains Drifter
    Lee Perry & Friends

  114. Ain't no love
    Al Brown & Skin Flesh and Bones

  115. Proverb
    Al Brown & The seventh Extension Band

  116. Meet the People
    Lloyd Parks & We The People

  117. Ghetto on fire
    Jacob Miller & Inner Circle

  118. Grand Father Bogle
    Ruddy Thomas

  119. Gone to Negril
    Lee Perry, Althea & Donna

  120. Slaving (steppers cut)
    Lloyd Parks

  121. What a disaster
    Junior Brown/Phil Pratt

  122. Health and Strength
    Prince Far i

  123. Dub i
    Fe Me Time Allstars/ Jimmy Radway

  124. Dubbing in the backyard
    King Tubby & The Aggrovators

  125. Go away dream
    Delroy Wilson

  126. We can't live like this (extended mix)
    Barry Brown

  127. Zion Hill
    Bobby Kalphat

  128. Every mouth must be fed
    Various Artists

  129. Red Bumb Ball (rare and unreleased rocksteady)
    Various Artists

  130. Reward for me
    Joe Higgs

  131. Kunta Kinte
    The Revolutionaries

  132. Cool cool rocksteady
    Don T Lee

  133. Its a disgrace 10' dub plate
    The Aggrovators

  134. Foey Man
    George Dekker

  135. Time for love/Arabian sound of reggae
    Owen Gray

  136. Shake up Yu Dread
    LLoyd Parks

  137. Time A Go Dread
    LLoyd Parks

  138. Tell us our past history
    Yabby You

  139. Psalms 16
    Diggory Kenrick & The Prophets

  140. Holy Mount Zion
    Gladstone Anderson & The Roots Radics

  141. Love and Broad Highway
    Mike Brooks & The Roots Radics

  142. Beware Dub
    Yabby You

  143. Oppression
    Diggory Kenrick & The Prophets

  144. Lee Perry & the Upsetters 4 track 10'
    The Upsetters

  145. Dub In Blood
    Skin Flesh and Bones

  146. Crytuff Dub Encounter Chapter One
    Prince Far I & the Arabs

  147. Dub to Africa
    Prince Far I & the Arabs

  148. Absolutely Rocksteady
    The Uniques

  149. Tape Rolling
    Various artists

  150. Mr Perry i Presume
    Lee Perry & Various Artists

  151. War and Peace (remix)
    Diggory Kenrick & The Upsetters

  152. Unity is power
    Joe Higgs

  153. Lee Perry/Diggory Kenrick

  154. Next Cut
    Various Artists Produced by Bunny Lee

  155. Once Upon A Time At King Tubbys
    King Tubby/Various artists

  156. In Fine Style
    Augustus Pablo

  157. Down Santic Way
    Various Artists

  158. Pleasure Dub
    Tommy McCook and the Supersonics

  159. Firehouse Revolution
    King Tubby

  160. Full Up
    Various Artists

  161. Deeper Roots
    Yabby You & Brethren

  162. Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3
    Prince Far & the Arabs

  163. Life of contradiction
    Joe Higgs

  164. Jah Love i
    David Isaacs- Freddie McKay

  165. Listen To The Music
    Caltone compilation various artists

  166. Dub Plate Style
    Delroy Wilson

  167. Strictly Dub
    Prince Jammy

  168. Live It To Know It
    Jimmy Riley

  169. Consider Yourself

  170. Deeper Roots Pt.2
    Yabby You & The Prophets

  171. Get Wise
    Horace Andy

  172. Roaring Lion
    Lee Perry & The Upsetters

  173. Rebel Rock
    Third World All Stars

  174. The Sound Doctor
    Lee Perry & The Sufferers

  175. Sound System International Dub LP
    King Tubby & The Clancy Eccles All Stars

  176. Sound System Scratch
    Lee Perry & The Upsetters

  177. Safe Travel
    Phil Pratt & Friends


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